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JCS Testimonials
Read a Testimonial from Enduro Systems, Inc here.

Testimonials from our satisfied clients

"We plan things very tightly and it is critical that arrangements made are completed as scheduled...JCS never lets us down."

"A willingness to be our advocate in getting to where we want to be even when we don't know where that is or how we're going to get there. A willingness to say 'OK, let's see how we can do that.' instead of 'We can't do that.' A willingness to be...partners."

"Installers are excellent. Friendly, thorough, understanding and very thoughtful."

"The guys just did a fantastic job. Their attitude and attention to detail was far superior to the typical service that most dealers are capable of...even the good one's."

"extremely knowledgeable and willing to go the extra distance to accommodate all requests whether large or small"

"No matter how long the day, the workload or the number of requests, JCS was as pleasant and professional at the end of the day as when they were fresh in the morning."


"All the theory and best planning in the world won't do you much good without the skilled man-power of a team like JCS provides."

Used Office Furniture

1246 Silber Rd.
Houston, Texas 77055
Tel: 713-681-6407 ~ Fax: 713-681-8810

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